Sports Nutrition for Aesthetics vs Performance by Crystal Lowery, New Honorary

crystal Lowery

Watching a Figure/Fitness/Bikini Competition for the first time is so inviting, exciting and
motivating for most people. Maybe you have thumbed through magazines for years and feel the
calling to compete. What attracts us most is the luring effect of perfectly sculpted body, not
knowing the story behind the glory. Understanding the science and prep behind the scenes and
the work and dedication that is required for months is a key component when making an
educated decision to embark on the journey to compete. The journey is much different than a
performance athlete who might need to play in a sporting event for a 30, 60 or 90 minutes
where the body must be fueled to perform, not just look the part.

As you begin to understand the journey to the stage, no doubt a competitor works hard both in
the gym and in the kitchen to prepare the foods with the proper Macro and Micronutrient ratio’s.  Performance athletes also require attention to detail, but the ratio’s are much different and this creates two different looking physiques. Both Physiques look strong but both would not be able to perform the same. The Physique athlete in order to achieve the desired look on stage usually requires a less than ideal ratio’s of Macro-nutrients to promote a bit more of an aggressive weight loss and change in body composition over the course of several weeks to months.

Usually to the tune of a higher protein, moderate to low and sometimes no carbohydrates and
fat ratios can be compromised to a level much lower than what is recommended for health. This
can cause a physique athlete to suffer from fatigue by consuming too few calories, usually to
low of carbohydrates and over training. Training and endurance can suffer a great deal during
this period of time and it is not expected to make any gains during this period of time. This
protocol is one that can be followed for a period of time but is not recommended for a long
period of time. It is unrealistic and not sustainable over an extended period of time. A great
coach or mentor would educate the physique athlete of the process both leading up to
competition, during and after.

A performance or endurance athlete has a much different Macro-nutrient profile. The profile is
designed to fuel the intensity of the workout and to assist them in making gains, improve speed
and agility. These ratios are going to be much higher in the carbohydrate ratios as this is the
primary energy source for the body. As this particular athlete trains they many times train under a heavy load and an extremely high demand to utilize Glucose and this can be depleted quickly therefore both Pre and Post workout nutrition is critical. The requirements of a performance or endurance athlete vary as one might be in a more explosive sport where an endurance athlete is training for a marathon. As these athletes fuel their body properly for each of their chosen sport, they will develop amazing athletic abilities as well as Awesome Aesthetics during the process.

Whatever your sport of choice happens to be it is critical to understand the nutrition required to elevate your training protocol to achieve the desired results. There is extreme value in the education piece and enlisting in someone who is well versed in this. Having a clear understanding of what is required and having the right plan will take the athlete to the next level both physically and mentally.

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