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Discussion: Is Paleo good for Athletes?

This new book brings up an interesting question.  Is the Paleo Diet good for athletes?  There is obvious benefits to injured or overtrained athletes.  The Paleo Diet has been shown difinitively to reduce inflamation and help the healing and recovery process.  Rich in antioxidants and devoid of processed foods, the Paleo diet is a great food regime to fight sickness and injury.

The question I have is in long term (greater than 90 days) use.  Will the absnence of grains, table sugar, legumes and dairy significanlty reduce carbohydrate consumption to the point of glycogen depletion?  Are the nutrients in whole grains and legumes worth eating if you are a healthy, injury free athlete?  I think they are a valuable resource.  What do you think?

Check out this new book:

Click here for the link.  Is it science or hyp?