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The NASN Announces its 1st Honorary Master Sports Nutrition Licenses

Since the founding of the National Association of Sports Nutrition in 1996, the NASN Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist has been the premier sought after credential because of its prestidge and its prerequisites.  There was one problem, though.  Certain outstanding Sports Nutritionists could not go through the course or get licensed because they lacked the formal education requirements.  For 18 years the title NASN Master Sports Nutritionist has been limited to only those who have completed a college degree. Well, even the most devout of us knows every rule has an exception.  Just as universities award honorary degrees, as of today, the NASN will award those select few, the chance of having an Honorary Master License.


davedoublebicepsHard work pays off and the organizations that are in touch with this industry recognize that.  There are acedemics and there  is practical application.  The NASN recognizes that in Dave Depew, LPSN, founder of Grinder Gym and arm wrestler extrodinaire.  And we have invited him to wear the same credentials as those with masters degrees, phd's and registered dietitians.  Welcome to the NASN Masters program.  Dave,  good luck on your board exams.


jennicwiklaThe NASN also recognizes Jenni Cwikla, LPSN, founder of Valkyrie Athletics, Inc. and women's strength athlete.  We have also invited her to wear the same credentials as those with masters degrees, phd's and registered dietitians.  Welcome to the NASN Masters program. Jenni,  good luck on your board exams.  Both candidates are registering to take the NASN LMSN course this week.

The new requirements for the NASN LPSN are: A baccalaureate degree in nutrition or equivalent science/health degree and a score of 90% or better on the Primary Sports Nutritionist Board exam or three year experience as an NASN licensed sports nutritionist and certified health professional directly involved in nutritional counseling, health promotion or healthcare.  If you do not have a baccalaureate degree but have significant achievements or experience relevant to the sports nutrition field and have demonstrated proficiency equal to or better than those who have a degree, you may apply for an Honorary Master Sports Nutrition License.  Honorary Certificates are granted to those who deserve the recognition but do not have the specific formal education requirements.  Honorary certificates are granted after a rigourous individual review.  To apply for consideration for an Honorary Master Sports Nutrition License, please call 858-694-0317 or email NASNreviewboard@nasnutrition.com.

Master Candidates can REGISTER NOW

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NASN Anounces Price Increase in 2013

Price Change!

After over 6 years of keeping our prices the same, the Board Members of the NASN have voted to increase the price of membership for all new members by 10% as of January 7th, 2013. Our prices will still be lower than most certifying organizations. This does not effect exisiting members or those who sign up before January 7th. Their annual membership fees will remain the same for as long as they stay current. So if you know of anyone who is interested in membership …

7 Days Left

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