NASN Approved Products

The NASN Does NOT accept sponsorship or Advertising of ANY Sports Nutrition Product…

That would make us biased!  We are soley funded by our members, annual dues and course fees.  That’s what makes us objective and independant.

The NASN DOES Objectively Review Sports Nutrition Products that demonstrate legitimate nutritive support of body composition, performance or recovery from exercise.

The NASN conducts unbiased thorough review of sports nutrition products in order to lend credibility to legitimate functional foods and supplements that can demonstrate a positive sports nutrition effect in line with the research, principles and methods presented by the NASN.  Those products that meet our approval can receive a license to proudly display “Approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition” along with our logo, website, address and phone.   This is a viable alternative to other certification of products that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars such as NSF’s Certified for Sport® Program.

Guidlines for product approval:

  • no NADA banned or FDA banned ingredients
  • all natural ingredients
  • no harmful ingredients
  • legitimate sports nutrition application shown in scientific theory, research or testing.

The non-refundable registration of review including licensing can be done here.  All products are subject to our review and testing.  We reserve the right to reject approval for any reason.  Fees paid provide for thorough review of products and will not be reimbursed even if the product does not meet the requirements for approval or is rejected or not licensed by the NASN.  Any change in product ingredients or formulation warrants an additional review.  Licenses are for 1 year and renewed automatically, annually.

Any licensed use of “Approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition” or the NASN logo must first be approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition prior to publication or broadcast.

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The Process for getting “Approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition” status.

1.  Register your product and pay the review and licensing fee here.  To register multiple products or a whole product line,  call the NASN at 858-694-0317 for special pricing.

2.  Send adequate samples of product for review and testing including retail packaging, nutritional supplement facts, ingredients, labels and product information presented to consumers to The National Association of Sports Nutrition, 8898 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite J, San Diego, CA 92123 at no cost to the NASN.

3.  Allow 30 days from when product is received for the review and licensing process to be complete.  This includes review of

  • Ingredient suppliers information
  • Manufacturing facilities information
  • Label and formulation review and comparison
  • Ingredient review, banned substances cross reference
  • Determine product testing
  • Sourcing procedures

4.  Notification of approval or rejection will be via email and/or mail within 30 days.

5.  Upon approval Licensed products will recieve an annual certificate of approval along with digital copies of the NASN logo to be used on labels and in advertising.

6.  Licensed products may use “Approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition” and the NASN logo in labelling and advertising.  All incedences of these must first be approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition prior to publication or broadcast.

7.  NASN approved products list are available on request.

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