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Last Minute CEC Course this Weekend!

NASN Personal Trainers, the following course will give you 3 NASN CECs.  It also counts for 1.5 NASN Sports Nutritionist CEC's.   Check it out…

"My course for nutrition folks, when the brain and muscles are working, how quickly will the substrates and chemicals be exhausted? This directly affects the diet and training as well as recuperation."  Michael Massis, MS, Course Instructor

M-Squared Training Systems L.L.C.
Our Biomechanics Series
Phase 2: Brain’s job in training.

What this course can bring to you and your clients?! Learn how the brain is involved in general movement. How does the brain handle “Muscle Brainbalance” when performing any training? “Functional training” is often considered “state of the art,” a new and better method to train people. Is this really true? Gain information that will help you safely train your clients and get them better results.

If you knew what information the brain really receives and sends, then you may just want to change your client’s program. How can you train seniors to help avoid injuries and train athletes to improve performance?brain gym

Motor control and brain function aren't "new” and “cool” gimmicks or equipment making outrageous claims. This is real science that is critical to how muscles and the brain work together.
The right use of these awesome tools can help you become a better, safer, more efficient and more suc-cessful trainer.

Cost: $50
NSCA continuing education units: .2
Register at: msquaredts@gmail.com
Pay by Paypal at: www.msquaredperformance.com

Instructor: Michael Massis,

Masters in Kinesiology, Specializing in Biomechanics

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Certified Special Populations Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Massage Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist