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Become a NASN Certified Personal Trainer 

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Get the Pre-requisites you need for Primary Sports Nutrition Licensing

 In order to become certified as an NASN Personal Trainer, you must successfully complete three specialty certifications:

  •  Resistance Training

  •  Fitness Evaluation

  •  Health Advocate

The specialty certifications may be taken individually or as a group. Personal Trainer Certification will be automatically awarded when the three are completed. No separate exam is necessary.


  • anatomy

  • biomechanics

  • structure & function of muscles

  • muscle groups

  • joint actions

  • appropriate exercise selection

“The course is well presented and interesting.” Dan Brophy, La Mesa,  California.


  • cardiovascular fitness tests

  • muscular strength and endurance tests

  • flexibility and low back strength evaluation

  • blood pressure

  • body composition

  • developing programs based on evaluation results

“I like this course. The instruction is extremely thorough.” Theresa Kuhn, Lakeside, California


  • learn effective communication skills

  • health benefits/disease prevention

  • components of fitness

  • weight management, diet and nutrition

  • motivational techniques

  • behavior modification

  • stress management

The NASN is highly regarded in the health and fitness field as a leader in certification programs. All students are required to complete the NASN home study courses prior to the date of the workshop to gain a basic knowledge of the topics that will be covered.  If it is not possible to attend the workshops the courses can be taken correspondence.  Workshop participants will have hands-on practice and are required to demonstrate proper techniques and methods of personal training/fitness instruction and are required to complete a written exam.  Correspondence participants will have to demonstrate these techniques via videotape. Recommended study time: minimum 1-2 weeks per exam  (two weeks for Health Advocate.)


  • All certifications include 3 examinations

  • At-Home Exam:

  • Practical (performance) Exam;

  • On-site Written Exam (multiple choice; T/F).



Fri., Resistance Training, 10:00am-6:00pm

Sat., Fitness Evaluation, 10:00am-6:00pm

Sun., Health Advocate, 10:00am-6:00pm



The National Association of Sports Nutrition is dedicated to excellence in fitness training & certification.  The NASN promotes professionalism by setting rigorous practical and written exam standards.

*NEW Certification Renewal CEC’s

CEC Requirements:
Personal Trainer Certification:
You only have to renwew your certificates before the time indicated on your certificate with the gold seal.
2 year certification – 3 CECs
3 year certification – 6 CECs
4 year certification – 6 CECs

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