Professional Business Development

​It is not enough to be technically proficient and great at what you do.  It is just as important to run your business in a way that it can grow and sustain a profit​ that doesn't ​burn you out.   Don't limit your success.  Don't increase your chances of failure by neglecting business development.  This group addresses the other business skills and tools that need to be developed as well.  The intro video below addresses some of the many things you need to consider as a NASN metabolic practitioner.

Check out this interview with Gulliver Giles by Doug Reynolds from Low Carb USA - Digging into working hard and learning your niche, your place in your market and how to position and present your business and services on your terms in the marketplace.

NASN Professional Mentoring Group

​Join this NASN Practitioners group and get...

  • Weekly Coaching meetings that are recorded for your review.  
  • Program Building Software tools that help to quickly build and access menus, recipes, workouts and other handouts for clients.
  • Sales, Marketing and business management coaching and collaboration.  

​This opportunity is for certified NASN Professionals only.