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The NASN is highly regarded in the sports nutrition and dietetics fields as a leader in sports nutrition licensing. All students are required to complete the NASN home study course prior to the board exam.   Recommended study time: minimum 1 month (depending on prior experience and education.) In order to be licensed through the National Association of Sports Nutrition the following criteria must be met:

1. Experience as a certified health professional directly involved in nutritional counseling, health promotion or healthcare. This includes all regulated health disciplines, such as certified holistic health practitioners, certified personal trainers and certified fitness instructors. If you do not meet these prerequisites consider first obtaining your personal training certification through our special certification.


2. An associate or baccalaureate degree in nutrition or equivalent science/health degree and one year experience as a certified health professional directly involved in nutritional counseling, health promotion or healthcare.


3. An advanced professional degree in a healthcare field that incorporates a four year degree with sufficient science and nutrition hours.

This course qualifies you for the Low Carb USA Certification Badge


If you do not meet these prerequisites consider first obtaining your personal training certification through our special certification

New:  Our Courses now include, but are not limited to Low Carb High Fat and Intermittent Fasting Protocols for Sports Performance and Disease Prevention!

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NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionists are Proficient in:


  • proper protocol for various methods
  • assessing fat free mass
  • statistical averages
  • assessing fat mass
  • estimating essential and nonessential fat mass


  • determining daily calorie requirements
  • determining average daily calorie intake
  • classifying hypo or hyper- metabolism
  • determining medical history and conditions


  • meal size.
  • nutrient requirements
  • frequency and time span between meals
  • prohibitive medical conditions


  • eating around exercise
  • aerobic and anaerobic principles

Candidates should be familiar with:

  • anatomy
  • bio-mechanics
  • structure & function of muscles
  • muscle groups
  • joint actions
  • appropriate exercise selection
  • cardiovascular fitness tests
  • muscular strength and endurance tests
  • flexibility and low back strength evaluation
  • blood pressure
  • developing programs based on evaluation

Reference Text for Classroom and Study Materials

New Digital format includes all study materials for immediate download.  This includes all texts, references, presentations and video lessons.  The distance learning track includes 3 one-to-one sessions with a an experienced credentialed  instructor

Essential for all nutrition and fitness professionals. The latest edition of this comprehensive sports and exercise nutrition course highlights a greatly expanded section on “performance enhancing” food and supplements, including a risk-benefit analysis of new products. Topics include: energy production and utilization; hydration and fluid replacement; protein and fat metabolism; carbohydrate utilization; vitamin/mineral recommendations; women’s exercise and diet issues.  Essential for working in sports, exercise, fitness or weight control programs. 

The latest edition of this course provides new information on protein and muscle protein synthesis, carbohydrate, glycemic index, sodium and muscle cramps, fat loading and endurance performance. New Dietary Reference Intakes for vitamins and minerals, fluid replacement guidelines and ACSM weight control Position Stand are featured, with new information on popular weight loss supplements, supplements causing positive doping tests, and guidelines for choosing supplements.

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  1. The Primary Sports Nutrition Course was exactly what I needed to fill the nutrition gap in my client’s programs. Now I can write fitness based menus, including supplement recommendations that are specific and highly effective.

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