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Do You Really Want to Make People Healthy?

​There are so many medical advantages to ​low carb nutrition, exercise and nutritive supplementation that complement and even replace traditional medical treatment.  ​We can't dispute the facts:

Individual Low Carb food planning and exercise regimes ​ make a difference!

The Problem:  Doctors don't have the time to develop ​nutrition and exercise programs for their patients that specifically treat conditions.

The Solution: Licensed Practitioners fill your prescription of eating right and exercising and take the time to customize the program and support your patient for a

specific health outcome.  

Collaborative Medical ​Success

Patients who reverse their chronic diseases and adhere to ​personal nutrition and exercise programs for the rest of their lives will not need an increasing number of drugs in increasing doses to treat nutrition-related diseases. Anti-diabetes drugs are expensive over a lifetime.

They will likely not get the complications associated with those diseases.

Fewer visits to endocrinologists to get their diabetes drugs adjusted or their insulin started.

Fewer visits to gynecologists to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Fewer visits to cardiologists because their hypertension or lipids are difficult to control, or because they are at risk for recurrent heart attacks.

Fewer visits to hepatologists because their fatty livers are turning into steatohepatitis or cirrhosis.

Fewer visits to nephrologists because their kidneys are failing secondary to type 2 diabetes.

Fewer visits to opthalmologists because of diabetic retinopathy.

Fewer visits to oncologists for cancers related to obesity and diabetes, less visits to psychiatrists for depression and early dementia, less visits to neurologists for neuropathies, less visits to orthopedists for joint replacements and amputations, etc.

How much does it cost when someone goes blind? Loses a leg? Trying to save the healthcare system money by not doing preventative medicine is like underfunding schools and education. The savings are only short term, but the resulting health, social or economic problems will last for decades.

It makes sense to invest in prevention.

It makes sense to help patients reverse nutrition-related diseases with proper nutrition counseling, and to support this reversal with lab tests and ​assessments that help this process.

The Best Care You Can Get


Best Patient/Doctor Team

Trust and safety form the basis of our approach - we ​realize these are your patients and treat them with the utmost ​care.


High Profile Doctors and Practitioners

Each of our team members is trained in a special field of medical​ly supervised nutrition, exercise and nutritive supplementation.


In-Depth Lab Reports

Our in-house lab review offers fast access to detailed investigations that we can use to develop programs and monitor progress.


High End Treatment

We offer fair professional ​clinical advice and the newest treatments at the highest standards.

Our Fields of Specialization

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    ​Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
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    ​Clinical Body Composition
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    ​Specific Lab Tests
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    ​Personal low carb and ketogenic Menu Planning and Coaching
  • check-square-o
    ​Personal Exercise Planning and Training
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    Scientific review of nutritive supplements
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    ​Accountability  and Follow-up Sessions
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    ​Group Events and Community Building
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    ​​Counseling through both Struggles and Successes

What Our ​Practitioners Have to Say

​You can't deny the data.  Personal Low Carb nutrition and exercise planning has gotten my patients back into healthy ranges in multiple labs, without drugs.  This works!

​Dr. Brian Lenzkes

​With the collaboration of a physician we finally have the tools to measure real success in improving the health and fitness of those who really want to be well.

​Jeff Kotterman, LMSN

Give your patients the best option!

​Becoming a member of the TriSystem Health Network is simple.  Click on the button below and your membership starts.  Once you register, we can establish your credentials and give you the tools to refer patients and track ​your patients' participation and results.

Step 1: An 8 Week Foundational Course

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Step 2: A Conference or Seminar Experience 

Step 3: ​After the Seminar, Put it all Together Through our Business Mentorship and Mastermind...

We structure a real life learning environment where you can apply what you've learned working within an established medically supervised center and work towards building your professional practice, modeling what you've learned for success and positioning yourself and your business for sustainability, stability and growth with continuous monthly meetings, strategy sessions and ongoing education.

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