Host Your Own Seminar!

Fitness facilities and other businesses that have classroom space can host an NASN Personal Trainer, Primary Sports Nutritionist or Master Seminar for 2 to 5 days and benefit from providing a location for our events.
Advantages of Hosting an NASN Seminar:
  • National Exposure – If you choose to accommodate our students, we accommodate you by featuring the seminar on our web page, on the home page as well as pictures of the facility, address, phone number and a direct link to your companies website.  We get hundreds to thousands of hits a day from fitness minded people looking for credible, well established help.
  • Recruiting Resource – Are you looking for quality personal trainers and Sports Nutritionists to service your clientele?  Here is an opportunity to to be the first to offer our students and graduates the opportunity to work for you.  What better time to get someone motivated and willing to learn how you do business while they are a positive influence on sales and support of your clientele.
  • Scholarships  –  Free certifications or licenses! Depending on the size of your seminar, that could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars savings, just for having the seminar.  A group of 10 gives you one free of tuition  and 15 or above gives you 2 free registrations for that class.
  • NASN Facilitator Discounts – If you host a seminar, you get significant discounts on products and services that support your fitness business.  Products like Korr  Reevue or  Cardio Coach indirect calorimeters and VO2 machines.  Get the ability to measure someone’s  resting metabolic rate or VO2 Max exactly and charge for that service.  Offer TriSystem Nutrition and other Sports nutrition Services exclusive to NASN Providers.
8 Students Must Be Enrolled by the Registration Deadline to Hold the Scheduled Seminar
The Hosting Facility is responsible for (confirmed by the Licensing Instructor):
  1. A suitable place for instruction with a capacity to handle all students enrolled in the seminar.
  2. Tables/desks and chairs for each student enrolled.
  3. A 3 prong extension Cord with ground, capable of attaching a power strip with 5 3 prong plugs.
  4. A projector screen or suitable white wall space (at least 4 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide) to project a large screen.
  5. A suitable place to administer one-on-one oral exam questions that does not allow other students to hear oral questions or answers as they are administered.
  6. A wireless connection to the internet via WiFi connection to a wireless Hub (preferred, but not mandatory).
  7. Hotel and travel accommodations for the NASN instructor.

Email or call 858-694-0317 to get more info reserve your dates.

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