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The flexibility of the distance learning format makes the NASN ideal for candidates who do not live close to the association’s established locations. By being able to arrange your own study schedule, you will be able to become licensed sooner, entering into your sports nutrition practice at your own pace.

In your digital course material, you’ll find links and downloads to all you need to complete our courses.  Your NASN licensing instructor may also  include other informational books to help you prepare for your exam.  The Board Exam will be proctored at a location near you.  You will have two hours to complete the exam without references or assistance.  You must select a proctor and schedule your exam within six months of receiving your package.

Let me tell you I’m very satisfied with the Course.  Obviously it was easier for me because of my medical degree, but it gave me a completely different approach and view of  nutrition not only for athletes,  but for the general population. I’ll be using what I’ve learned with my patients.  I’ll be sending you the name and address of my proctor as soon as possible.”

Dr. Juan Alvarez Dunzelmann, MD, Venezuela

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Here’s how it works:

1. Register for the course.  Once registered, you will be emailed your registration package including all materials and links to purchase texts as needed, including access to your online study guide. For the NASN PT, LPSN and CCEP courses, you will immediately be forwarded to your course page with complete access, digitally.  

2.  Meet with your Licensing Instructor.  Once you receive your registration package (digitally or in the mail), call or email the NASN at 858-694-0317 or to schedule a time you can have a web meeting via ZOOM or talk via the phone for your instruction classes.  You receive a number of sessions per course.  You can get more if you need them.  They are approximately 30 minutes each.  

3. Take your written exam with an approved proctor. You will be able to find a proctor at your local community college, public library or church. Achieve a passing score on the written Sports Nutrition Board Examination. A score of 80% or better is passing for the Primary Sports Nutrition Board Exam.  The exams range from 75 to 150 multiple choice and true/false questions. Retesting costs are additional and depend on location.  

4. Take your practical exam.   For the Primary Sports Nutrition Board Exam, you will be asked 2-3 oral questions concerning client situations. This is in order to determine your ability to evaluate and manage clientele.For the Personal Training Exams, you will be expected to demonstrate some techniques learned in our virtual classroom via video conferencing.  

5. Receive your official NASN Certificate or License. Candidates will be notified within thirty days of exam results.  

6. Renew. Stay current.  Course Certificates are renewed annually.  Personal Trainer Certificates are renewed every 2-4 years depending on your scores.

Renewal of licenses are contingent upon maintenance of 100 practitioner hours per year and proof of continued education in current issues in sports nutrition every two years.  Click here to renew!! Renewal of Personal Trainer certificates also require continuing education credits.  You must take a course that is designated at least 3 credit hours every 2 years.

Correspondence continuing education courses are provided (click here) among other programs sponsored by the NASN.

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