Keto is not a fad!

Many many personal trainers and nutritionists are missing the boat! Fitness experts in the media are calling the ketogenic diet a fad. They are wrong and if they don’t get educated quickly, it may cost them their business. Nay-Sayers are quickly being proven wrong. Save time and money by educating yourself and becoming a licensed practitioner through the NASN. This nationwide course starts May 15th, 2019

This Vegan YouTube video published by a channel that has a goal of “Building a community where we can talk about Keto Failures, and learn our way past short sighted Keto Diet advice. They support a Whole Foods Plant-based diet and are interested in research related to evidence-based nutrition, ” admits that Ketogenic nutrition is not a fad. See:

The problem is that they also promote Heal Clinics who fail to understand the value of exercise in a ketogenic lifestyle. NASN Personal Trainers know different, They are certified in the proper Ketogenic workout protocols to enhance a fat adaptive diet.

Start your certification or update your old certification today…

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