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Learn in depth  Dr. Ben Bocchicchio's proven method to enhance metabolic pathways through exercise. The Slow Maximum Response Training method is now used worldwide in conjunction with a ketogenic lifestyle to maximize metabolic health.

Note:  This is one of the three mini-course workshops that make up the complete NASN Personal Training Certification.  A certificate in this workshop only does not complete the requirements for NASN PT. successful completion of the  additional 2 courses and CPR certification are needed for certification.

Workshop Synopsis:  If the exercise advice we’ve been given for the last 50 years was legitimate, why then do we have 200 million Americans that are obese or overweight?  Obviously, the exercise PLAN isn’t working. With people spending billions annually to wage this war, why are we losing so badly?

The ANSWER: We are using the wrong exercise methods based on bad science perpetrated by traditional, antiquated thinking. NOTE: If we could return obesity and diabetes numbers back to 1970 levels we would save one BILLION dollars a DAY in health care costs!!  It’s time we paid attention!!  It’s time you become your own expert, become informed and follow some simple science.

This Mini-course explains the flaws in the methods dictated by old-school traditional methods and explains, in simple terms, how the human body developed genetically. This understanding leads the reader to a powerful system and guides them to successfully combat the fat related problems we face and maintain good health for a lifetime.

The irony in the situation is that so much time, money and effort have literally been wasted on weight loss when the evidence has been available for decades.  For almost 50 years, Dr. Ben Bocchicchio has produced unparalleled success in all populations applying his S.Ma.R.T. System.  Dr. Ben suggests that everyone wants to get the biggest bang for their exercise and dieting time and effort and that is exactly what this workshop provides.

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Note to United States candidates: Twenty-seven of the forty-one States with laws governing dietetics require licensure, thirteen require certification, and one requires registration.  Since practice requirements vary by State, interested candidates should determine the requirements of the State in which they want to work before applying for sports nutrition licensure.  Dieticians are not licensed sports nutritionists unless they have been licensed by the National Association of Sports Nutrition.  Licensed sports nutritionists are not dieticians unless they have been registered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).  Both credentials are ideal for private practice.

Refund Policy: Please note that you are purchasing an annual membership that may include an educational course containing time sensitive materialsIt is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine if he or she meets the course requirements and completes the course within 6 monthsFailure to meet these requirements are not grounds for a refund.  Membership and courses are nonrefundable.  The materials provided in the course are for NASN members only and those seeking an NASN credential.  Those who have purchased the course may transfer their purchase to another student within 6 months of purchasing.