Initial Cert.

Getting Started

Lesson 2 Chapter 1

Dear Fitness Professional:

Good luck in your studies to become recognized as one of the world’s best!!  This recognition starts with those who qualify as NASN Personal Trainers.  The National Association of Sports Nutrition Certifies and licenses those in the community who intend to provide instruction or counseling in nutrition and exercise.

NOTE:  Some of the chapters in the ​lessons may not correspond to the same chapters in the textbooks due to the new editions.  Please complete the ​lesson quizes to your best ability.  Match up subject matter rather than the number or sequence.

The NASN was established in 1996 as an independent association in order to prepare fitness professionals for success.

This includes:

  1. Establishing proficiency in current biochemical and physiological scientific knowledge.
  2. Satisfactory application of these principles for the promotion of optimal health, human performance and body composition.
  3. Developing community awareness of this profession.

National Association of Sports Nutrition Personal Trainer exams

The NASN Board of Trustees is an administratively independent body established in order to examine and certify Personal Trainers.  The NASN is an outgrowth of ​30 years work to provide standards for and implement a three-fold program of certification:

– First, three quality exams were created and validated to appropriately represent the field of Personal Training.  They are Resistance Training, Fitness Evaluation and Health Advocate.

– Second, a national certification is provided for personal trainers by successful completing each of three workshops or correspondence courses.  This certification enables personal trainers to access the full scope of a personal training business.

– Third, a mechanism for certification renewal annually, thus providing assurance of continued competency in the field.

In order to attain Personal Trainer Certification, a Candidate must:

  1. Show current Adult CPR Certification.
  2. Attend the NASN Certification Course Seminar or Complete the written and Practical Exams with a proctor and/or Licensed Instructor via our Correspondence Course.

If you are taking this course without attending the seminar, you must complete the practical application videos with a home video via a smart phone.

            The flexibility of the distance learning format makes the NASN ideal for candidates who do not live close to the association’s established locations.  By being able to arrange your own study schedule, you will be able to become licensed sooner, entering into your sports nutrition practice at your own pace.  You must complete your home study course and select a proctor and schedule your exams within six months of ​starting this course.

Exam Proctoring

All board exams will be administered by a proctor who is selected by you, but must be verified and approved by the NASN.  The proctor must be a responsible individual presenting no conflict of interest.  Suggestions for proctors include: department heads, administrators, directors of Human Resources and Education, librarians and counselors.  Your exam will be sent directly to your proctor’s place of employment, and you will take the exam at a pre-arranged time and place.  Your proctor verifies that the closed book exam was taken according to NASN policies and returns all exam materials to the NASN for grading.

 Please return the following form:

Student Name:                                                             Proctor Name:                                                


Relationship to Candidate:                                                          email address:


Work Address:                                                    City:                           State:                Zip Code:


Location of Exam:                                               Date of Exam:            Time of Exam:


Work Phone:


 Achieve a passing score on the written and practical Personal Trainer Exams. (70% or better) Retesting is at an additional cost.  A higher score increases the length of time you are certified before mandatory renewal.

Welcome to the organization that helps add credibility and regulation to fitness and sports nutrition science.  We look forward to your academic contributions and support.  Please be sure to bring a current Adult CPR Certification Card to the Seminar or mail a copy of both sides to the NASN.

Jeffrey Kotterman, Director, NASN