Initial Cert.

Certified Personal Trainer

27 Lessons Introductory

About this course

The  objective of the NASN personal trainer certification program is to provide a high level, applicable body of study and experience to the candidate seriously interested in pursuing a career as a professional in the exercise, health and wellness industries.

Presently, candidates are inundated with options for certification possibilities.  The NASN is responding to a gap in the fitness industry by filling  the acute need for a scientifically based, safe and applicable course of preparation for exercise professionals.

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Course Structure

Course Overview 2 Lessons


The NASN Certified Personal Trainer course of study is unique from the perspective of its interpretation and presentation of the relevant mechanisms of physical exercise.  That perspective includes the consequences regarding health, function and personal prerogatives that expertly applied exercise can provide.

This curriculum makes sense in every way.  First, creating a sound and logical basis of simple but necessary scientific background.  Next, providing valuable, practical, hands-on experiences offered to serve the candidate optimally for his or her professional career.  Lastly, offering a life-long resource for information, guidance and support to start and continue successfully in this chosen field.

NASN Resistance Training Module 10 Lessons

Resistance Training Lesson 1 (Free)

Why Resistance Training?

Resistance Training Lesson 2

Truths, Myths and Misconceptions

Resistance Training Lesson 3

Muscle Structure and Function

Resistance Training Lesson 4

Anatomical Movement

Resistance Training Lesson 5

Exercises by Muscle Group

Resistance Training Lesson 6

The S.Ma.R.T. - Ex. Method

Resistance Training Lesson 7 & 8

Warm up, Flexibility and Stretching

Safe and Effective Weight Training

Resistance Training Lesson 9 &10

Beginning Weight Training Programs

Measurement and Evaluation

Resistance Training Lesson 11 & 12

Planning Personal Weight Training Programs

Advanced and Alternative Weight Training Methods

NASN Fitness Evaluation Module 7 Lessons

Fitness Evaluation Lesson 2

Body Composition Assessment

Fitness Evaluation Lesson 3

Principles of Muscular Strength and Endurance

Fitness Evaluation Lesson 4

Muscular Flexibility Assessment

Fitness Evaluation Lesson 5

Cardio Respiratory Endurance Assessment

Fitness Evaluation Lesson 6

Skill Related Fitness and Programming

NASN Health Advocate Module 8 Lessons

Health Advocate Lesson 1 (Free)

Physical Fitness and Wellness

Health Advocate Lesson 2

Behavior Modification

Health Advocate Lesson 3

Weight Management

Health Advocate Lesson 4

Stress Assessment and Management Techniques

Health Advocate Lesson 5

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Health Advocate Lesson 6

Cancer Prevention

Health Advocate Lesson 7

Immunity and Infectious Disease