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NASN Certified S.Ma.R.T. Personal Trainer

Start giving exercise advice with confidence! Learn in depth  Dr. Ben Bocchicchio's proven method to enhance metabolic pathways through exercise. The Slow Maximum Response Training method is now used worldwide in conjunction with a ketogenic lifestyle to maximize metabolic health.

NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist

This license is for health and fitness professionals who are in the position to give nutrition , exercise and supplementation advice in order to improve metabolic health, body composition and human performance.  In all cases this should enable health and fitness professionals to move clientele toward a state of optimal health, wellness and body composition.

NASN Metabolic Health Professional  (Both Courses in one!)

Experience complete immersion in the latest nutrition and exercise  applied research!

Step-by-step strategies you can implement in your life  and your clientele for immediate results - backed up by case studies and scientific evidence by becoming a NASN Certified Personal Trainer and NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist!

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Regular Price:  $2297

Low Carb USA Discount Price: $1597

The National Association of Sports Nutrition is an association of prominent Health and fitness professionals committed to the discipline of human metabolic health and performance. The association consists of those Certified or Licensed by our organization who are also coaches, educators, counselors and technical professionals who assess and coach clientele for a living.  

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