NASN Review of Nutrihealth’s Marine Epic


The NASN cares about the quality of the supplements our members recommend and use .  We have developed a process to determine the safety and accuracy of product contents by independently reviewing them to be free of harmful and banned substances and demonstrate nutritive support of body composition, performance or recovery from exercise.

This builds confident in the products chosen by consumers and recommended by our practitioners.  The NASN has developed the Approved by the NASN  program.    We are an independent and internationally recognized organization with a mission to advance  global human health and performance.

An Approved by the NASN mark on a product helps athletes coaches trainers and consumers make educated decisions when they purchase supplements.   This is because this approval process is one of the most comprehensive supplement review programs in the world of amateur and professional sports.  We are  recommended by global sports and anti-doping associations because to be approved, products go through a rigorous process.

First, the NASN audits the manufacturing facility for the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices requirements and industry best practices. Then the contents of the product are checked to make sure that what's on the label is in the product.  An independent toxicological review is required to verify the product formula and the label claims are accurate.  Then we require testing to determine there are no harmful levels of contaminants such as heavy metals.  The product is also sampled and reviewed for  substances banned by professional sports leagues and anti-doping organizations . We want to make sure products continue to comply so the audits and the product tests are repeated annually in order to maintain the Reviewed and Approved by the NASN on the label.

Lastly, we review the efficacy and potential ergogenic effect of the product to its potential application in human health and performance.

Nutrihealth provided samples and materials upon our request for the following:

  • 2 product samples of MARINE EPIC 
  • supplier certificates
  •  certificates of analysis
  •  FDA supplement label
  • ingredient list
  • any specific research for the product
  • any clinical trial and/or group studies for the product.
  • advertising material and promotional information that includes the reason and benefits for using the product.

The product sample packaging is indicative of a high end, medical grade product packaged in a labeled bottle with serving size scoop.  The bottle is packaged in a black box with promotional and educational material.

The production facility:

  • Nino Incorvay 976, Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina
  • US Agent: Fastforward Trading company, LLC, 1845 NW 112th Ave, Suite 203, Miami, Florida 33172

The product is from Argentina, imported and registered with the USDA through FASTFORWARD and distributed in the United states by Nutrihealth, LLC.

Although MARINE EPIC holds a certificate from the Lifespan Certification Program by Biohackers Magazine the website does not hold the organization in the url, nor does it list, Nutrihealth or MARINE EPIC as a certified product on their website.

Both the supplier certificates and the the certificates of analysis were submitted in Spanish. Through translation to English, the ingredients on the FDA food label were verified.   The product contains the ingredients as listed on the label. Toxicology and banned substance analysis were reviewed, but not conclusive due to translation.

Product samples show a bright green color indicative of the main ingredient, chlorella vulgaris.  The flavor of the serving is mild, if at all similar to caviar, the second ingredient.  The product was initially sampled at room temperature and then subsequently refrigerated as directed. 

 The product can be purchased through the product website and through  Amazon's price was higher than the manufactures website when reviewed.  Amazon reviews were few but, at 5 stars at the time of this review.

Research Reivew

Research shows no specific studies or clinical trials naming Nutrihealth MARINE EPIC as the tested product.  Research of the main ingredient, chlorella vulgaris showed multiple studies concluding C. vulgaris can ameliorate amelioration hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, and protect against oxidative stress, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In this review, these findings specifically addressed supplementation and the molecular mechanisms underlying these effects.  

Review of the second main ingredient, see urchin caviar, show they have been recommended for therapeutic and preventive dietary nutrition for cardiovascular diseases but, the studies provided reccomend further studies be done.  The manufacture of MARINE EPIC provided several studies citing derivatives of sea urchin caviar such as echinochrome A or spinochrome  D but, none were found with the exact ingredient as listed on the product label.  It is assumed that the ingredients in  MARINE EPIC contain effective amounts of echinochromes and spinochromes to effect similar results.

Specific studies presented by Nutrihealth's lead scientist;

Weight Management and Musculoskeletal Health

These studies use active compounds found naturally in  ingredients listed on NutrihealthMARINE EPIC.  Dosages are in the natural whole form, not the specific components.

Our Conclusion:

The potential of this supplement is promising with the individual active ingredients as well as the individual supporting vitamins being used in healthy diet and in support of performance for decades and are firmly accepted.  The combination of these nutrients in the dosage presented in this product may have a synergistic effect greater than the individual ingredients.  This product provides a unique combination marine organisms and B vitamins that may positively effect both human performance and health.  This product demonstrates potential nutritive support of body composition, performance and recovery from exercise. Further specific research of this combination of nutrients in humans  is warranted.  We hope to see further studies done in the near future.

Therefor, Nutrihealth MARINE EPIC, in its current form, as labelled and produced is hereby approved by the National Association of Sports Nutrition for one year from the date of application.  We grant the use of the following trademark in regards to labeling and promotion of the specific product Nutrihealth MARINE EPIC.

Congratulations on your NASN review results.  This objective review is only limited to those products that meet our specific product standards. A certificate of approval will be mailed to the address on record.

The National Association of Sports Nutrition Review Board