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This advanced license is for the experienced practitioner who supervises other nutritionists and/or health professional staff.   Master sports nutritionists deal with special clientele or difficult cases referred to them by primary sports nutritionists or other health coaches.   This course requires a bachelors degree.  It gives you the advanced tools to handle multifaceted clientele that are typically too challenging for an inexperienced sports nutritionist.  Learn to modify exact food plans that integrate with exercise , activity and lifestyle.  Learn how to work with food intolerances, allergies and medical conditions that limit food choices and provide support to Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionists that work with or for you.

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Dear Primary Sports Nutritionist:

            Good luck in your studies to become a master of one of the world’s best!!  This recognition is limited to only candidates who stand out among the National Association Sports Nutritionists.  ​The National Association of Sports Nutrition Licenses Master Sports Nutritionists to those in the community who provide exemplary service promoting nutrition science.

            You​ already have proven yourself as a Primary Sports Nutritionist member of the organization founded in 1996 as an independent association in order to prepare health professionals for successful sports nutrition counseling.  You have already shown your success.

​We hope you will continue to:

1. Establishing proficiency in current biochemical and physiological scientific knowledge through continued study and publication

2. Satisfactory application of these principles for the promotion of optimal health, human performance and body composition.

3.  Developing community awareness of this profession.

National Association of Sports Nutrition Board exam

            The NASN Board of Trustees is an administratively independent body established in order to examine and License in Human Sports Nutrition.  The NASN is an outgrowth of five years work to provide standards for and implement  a three-fold program of licensing:

- First, a quality examination was created and  validated to appropriately represent the field of Sports Nutrition.

- Second, a national license is provided for sports nutritionists by successful completion of the Primary Sports Nutrition Examination.  This License enables a licensed Sports Nutritionist to access the entire scope of sports nutrition practice.

 - Third, a mechanism for licenses renewal annually, thus providing assurance of continued competency in the field.

In order to attain Licensure as a Master Sports Nutritionist, a Candidate must:

1.  Satisfy the CORE Requirements (include all that apply)

a.  Be sure to include a certified copy (transcripts or grades) of all new college science courses taken and  currently enrolled.

b.  Show proof of current Health Professional Certification, including current Primary Sports Nutrition License and other health disciplines, such as certified holistic health practitioners, certified personal trainers and certified fitness instructors.

2.  Attend the NASN Master Board Exam.

            Due the current demographics of your area, your mandatory requirement of 20 hours exam review have been waived.  Enclosed in your candidate package you will find the official NASN Master Board exam preparation guide.  It is the Black text entitled SPORT NUTRITION FOR HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE.  This text is the main study guide for your master  board exam.  Be sure to review the Key Concepts at the end of each chapter.

            The flexibility of the distance learning format makes the NASN ideal for candidates who do not live close to the association’s established locations.  By being able to arrange your own study schedule, you will be able to become licensed sooner, entering into your sports nutrition practice at your own pace.  You must select a proctor and schedule your exam within six months of ​starting this course​.

3. Achieve a passing score on the written Master Sports Nutrition Examination.  (80% or better) Retesting is at an additional cost.

4.  Demonstrate proficiency in articulating specific topics in the field of sports nutrition by including a published article relevant to current issues in the field in your exam packet..

           Welcome to the leading group within the organization who helps add credibility and regulation to sports nutrition science.  We look forward to your academic contributions and support.  Please return any information needed for qualifying your entrance to the NASN Board exam.


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